Student Visa

Student Visa

Education is a future force with the power to move mountains, build bridges, and change the world, and at Canwalk Visa Solutions we value your education with our seamless expertise in realizing your Canada study visa requirements. Having an education abroad is every student’s dream but due to the lack of immigration knowledge, only a few could materialize this fantasy into reality. That’s where we come in, with our years of experience and authentic training modules our staffs are well versed in providing you with the best educational opportunity in Canada. Due to a lower cost and higher standards of living, Canada is placed at the No. 1 spot for settling permanently and not to mention the abundant study opportunities and social benefits that make it a dream destination.

Overcoming the rules and regulations of study permit Canada is not an easy feat, but in our guidance with proper adherence to the documentation, you can unlock learning that is above par excellence with better employment options on a global scale.

Why Canada?

Canada has long been an immigrant nation, and foreign nationals from around the globe find the Maple Leaf country as the best place to start over. This is why Canadian immigration is one of the top priority settlement pathways in the world. Canada is a land of abundant opportunities that guarantee positive future returns in the form of high-paying jobs, better lifestyles, immigration possibilities, and whatnot.

Canadian universities are widely renowned internationally for their affordable tuition fees and reasonably priced courses and programs as compared to other foreign countries. To top it further a Canada student visa holder can also apply for a scholarship to further trim their educational expenses. Canada’s diversity and beautiful landscape give off a great lifestyle and high-quality education to every aspiring student, so, brace yourself to continue having a working environment in the most attractive places in the world.

What is the process for Canada Owner-Operator Pathway?

Once you qualify as an owner-operator, you can start your Canada immigration process by:

Cost of Studying

With globally recognized universities under its belt, Canada offers world-class education to foreign nationals at a much more affordable cost as compared to most English-speaking countries. While the overall cost of studying varies from each program but the tuition fee for an undergraduate course ranges somewhere between CAD$15,000 to CAD$35,000 depending on the university/institution and the program of your choice. Arts and Humanities courses have a low tuition fee than Engineering or Medicine degrees.

Thus, before you apply for a Canada student visa it becomes important that you have a sound understanding of the fee structure of the chosen college and program because there will be additional costs associated such as housing, books, etc.

Who is eligible to apply for a Study permit in Canada?

There are several requirements that you must meet to be able to receive a positive response on a Canada student visa application.

• Must be accepted into a designated college/institution/university in Canada.

• Show sufficient funds to pay for:

• Tuition

• Living expenses and return transportation for you and your accompanying family members.

• Must have a clear sheet with no criminal record whatsoever, so that he/she may not pose a risk to the security of Canada.

• Must be in good health.

• Must convince the appointed immigration officer that you will leave Canada once you’ve completed your course.

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