Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker

What Is the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada accepts applications under the Express Entry Program for Skilled Professionals interested in migrating to Canada. Applicant must have a profile in the Express Entry pool and must also meet the selection criteria of the respective federal skilled worker program. There are three programs under which an application can be filed.

• Federal Skilled Worker Class

• Federal Skilled Trades Class

• Canadian Experience Class

Selection criteria are relevant after an application is picked up from the Express Entry pool. At the same time, an applicant must meet the selection criteria of the respective program to get an invitation to apply.

Point System and Selection Criteria

Language – Principal Applicant (Maximum 28 Points)

An applicant can get a maximum of 24 points in the English language and can claim 4 points under the French language factor. This is possible when an applicant mentions English as the first language at the time of filing an application. An applicant with a high IELTS/CELPIP score can claim up to 24 points.

• An applicant must have at least a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 7 to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Class program

• Take Approved language tests in English or French an applicant must prove proficiency in all four parameters; speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Age – Principal Applicant (Maximum 12 points)

The preferred age of the applicant is between 18 and 35 years. Applicants belonging to this band of age will be given the maximum points. An applicant with higher age will get lesser points.

• 18-35 years – 12 Points

• 36 years – 11 points

• 37 years – 10 points

• 38 years – 9 points

This pattern will continue to follow and an applicant at the age of 46 will get just one point. An applicant older than 46 years of age will not get any points.

Work Experience (Maximum – 15 Points)

An applicant must have at least one year of experience in an occupation in the O, A or B category (NOC classification). An applicant will get more scores with more work experience. An application under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) is accepted only if the applicant’s occupation is permitted under the NOC classification.

Points Allocation

• 1 Year Work Experience – 9 Points

• 2-3 Years of Works Experience – 11 Points

• 4-5 Years of Works Experience – 13 Points

• 6 Years of Works Experience – 15 Points

Educational and Professional Qualification (Maximum 25 points)

An applicant will be awarded points based on his/her education. For example, a doctoral-level applicant will get 25 points and an applicant with a master’s degree will get 23 points. The assessment of the education degree will be done by a Canadian credential assessment agency. An assessment will confirm the applicant’s qualification is at par with the Canadian education standard.

Points Allocation

• Doctoral Level – 25 Points

• Master’s lever or Professional Degree – 23 Points

• Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year or longer post-secondary credential – 22 Points

• Three-year or longer post-secondary credential – 21 Points

• Two-year post-secondary credential – 19 Points

• One-year post-secondary credential – 15 Points

• Secondary school credential – 5 Points

Arranged Employment (Maximum 10 Points)

As per the latest changes, Labor Market Opinion (LMO) will supersede Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO). Now employers need to apply at HRSDC for an LMO. This is an attempt to curb fake job offers and reassure the credibility of the program.

Adaptability (Maximum 10 Points)

• An applicant with a prior work experience in Canada can get up to 10 points.

• Or an applicant with Canadian Education can get up to 5 points.

• Or applicant with Canadian education and Canadian work experience can get up to 10 points

• Or the applicant’s family member (blood relation) living in Canada can get an additional 5 points.

• A spouse with a CLB 4-level English or French proficiency will help the principal applicant to get 5 adaptability points. A spouse must appear for an IELTS or TCF exam and score the required marks.

An applicant must get a minimum of 67 points out of 100. There can be changes in the selection criteria as well as point allocation without any notice. An applicant must check the latest updates.

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