Parents/Grand Parents Visa

Parents/Grand Parents Visa

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their parents and grandparents for Canadian immigration. Every year Canadian authorities invite applications from such sponsors who want to invite their parents/grandparents. Through this program Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada allows family unification.

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents (PR) can sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner for a spouse visa. This visa will allow the spouse to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. This visa will enable a spouse to work, live, and settle permanently in Canada.

Sometimes, this program is also referred to as the Canada Super Visa but is officially called the Parents and Grandparents Program.


Spouse Visa can further be classified as:

1. A sponsor must meet the eligibility criteria for sponsoring parents/grandparents. A sponsor must fill out an online Interest to Sponsor Form.

2. IRCC assesses the application and through a lottery system, IRCC selects the potential sponsors. The selected sponsors will receive an invitation to apply for the parent’s/grandparent’s visa

3. Sponsors who have received the invitation to apply must complete and submit the application package. Sponsors should fill out this application before the last date. The IRCC will evaluate the application and will make the final decision.

Who you can sponsor

You can sponsor your own parents and grandparents, related by blood or adoption.

You may sponsor more than 1 person or couple if you meet the income requirements for all the people you want to sponsor and their dependents (spouse, partner and children).


• A sponsor must be at least 18 years old.

• A sponsor should be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada

• Sponsor and sponsored (Parents/Grandparents) should be under the family class.

• A sponsor must sign an undertaking to take responsibility for the sponsor.

• A sponsor must have sufficient income to provide basic necessities to the family already living in Canada as well as to the sponsor. For this purpose income of the co-signer (Spouse/Partner) can be taken into consideration.

The people you sponsor must also be eligible

To show they meet the eligibility requirements, your parents and grandparents and their dependents must provide:

• all required forms and documents with their application

• Any additional information we request during processing, including:

o Medical Exams

o Police Certificates

o Biometrics

Benefits of the Parents or Grandparents Visa

After receiving the approval, parents and grandparents are eligible to enjoy full benefits available to permanent residents including healthcare benefits. They are eligible to work in Canada and they can apply for Canadian citizenship eventually. But the most important benefit of this program is that it provides the opportunity to live with your family.


An applicant (possible sponsor) must apply to become a sponsor within 60 days of receiving an invitation. Parents/Grandparents must also submit an application for permanent residence. Application along with all the supporting documents and application fees (1050 for each parent/grandparent) must be sent. The entire process (For Super Visa) usually takes around 20-24 months. (This processing time includes the time they need to give their biometrics.)

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